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The Danish Gambling Authority Extends Licensing

One year after the issuance of the initial batch of licenses, has the Danish Gaming Authority announced details of a number of extensions that will impact most operators licensed for the next 5 years. A total of 25 operators, five Danish and 20 foreign, have had their licenses renewed. Another nine operators have income-restricted licenses, which means that their gross gambling revenues must not exceed 1 million. kr.

The Danish Gambling Authority has confirmed that they asked that a number of unauthorized providers ceased in 2012, and while most respected it, blocked it a number of illegal sites.

"The scale of illegal websites in Denmark is estimated to be quite limited," said Tina R. Olsen, Head of the Legal Department in the Danish Gaming Authority, "The fact that 20 illegal websites have been blocked in 2012 illustrates that the Danish Gaming Authority carries out its duty to monitor the Danish gaming market to protect both consumers and the legal players in the market. "